Who's been helped?

The Authentic Personality and Bill McMahon have influenced hundreds of program directors and radio personalities working in all formats across the United States and in Europe. Here’s a sampling of their reactions to the Authentic Personality and Bill as well as what they’ve learned and how it has affected their performance:

"It really changed the way I approach morning radio... I owe a lot of my success to what I learned..."

Kidd Kraddick
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning
KISS 106.1, Dallas-Fort Worth

"This guy really does understand what we go through... Often, I think of different things that Bill taught us...

Bob Reitman
Reitman and Mueller and Amy Taylor Too
94.5 WKTI, Milwaukee

"The way that Bill approaches us makes me feel sort of like I'm in an advanced college kind of course... I came out of the workshop feeling better about myself and what I do for a living."

Bobby Rich
Bobby and Brad Show
94.9 MIXfm, Tucson

"The Authentic Personality has made me keenly aware of the traits that drive talent, how they are built, and what they are made of... these are all tools I think anyone can use and be successful in coaching talent…

Todd Fisher
Vice President/General Manager
AM 1500 KSTP, Minneapolis

"Bill has helped me determine what's really driving great performance that really cuts through and gets noticed and becomes popular and successful... I'm better at really picking out the potential breakthrough talent versus the very average, competent, benign talent... my relationship with my talent increased exponentially...

Steve Wexler
Senior Vice President Radio & Television Operations
Journal Broadcast Group

"The things that I learned from Bill McMahon have provided something very rare in this business, which is a framework for somewhat rational decision-making in not only talent selection, but also in working with talent... These are very powerful tools to bring potential talent to fruition…"

Randall Bloomquist
Program Director
640 WGST, Atlanta  

"It's a better way to evaluate a personality... you can better identify where the person’s strengths and weaknesses lie... it has made me a better manager of people...

Steve Konrad
Director of Programming/Operations
AM 1500 KSTP/FM 107, Minneapolis

"I use AP every week.  It has given my coaching direction. I am now a better coach. My personalities enjoy coaching that makes them feel like they are developing some specific skills -- not just a nice chat after the show with some general comments..."

Paul Andrew
Programme Controller
GWR FM, Bristol, England

"The Authentic Personality has really made me see things very differently. It has enhanced my ability to measure on-air talent performances and abilities. It has really helped me grow. I feel far more confident talking to talent. It helps me understand them more...

Luis Clark
Programme Controller
100.7 Heart FM, Birmingham, England

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