How the Authentic Personality helps
Program Directors and Coaches...

The Authentic Personality method helps PDs and coaches become skilled evaluators of air talent and effective developers of successful radio personalities. PDs and coaches learn:

  • The Fourteen Traits inherent in the best radio personalities -- regardless of programming format or daypart.

  • How to determine if a potential hire has what it takes to succeed by evaluating how they measure up against the Fourteen Traits.

  • How to determine future growth potential for any air talent by reference to the Fourteen Traits.

  • How to devise individualized coaching strategies that improve performance and inspire air talent to take responsibility for their own development.

  • How to become an effective and trusted mentor that radio personalities -- of all abilities and levels of experience -- desire and need to achieve their potential.

  • The elements of effective show prep.
  • The Essential Eight elements inherent in on-air segments and features that attract and hold listeners in any format, regardless of subject or presentation style.

  • Objective criteria and common language to evaluate and discuss show preparation and on-air performance in an open, positive, and non-threatening way that minimizes or eliminates contention.

  • Step-by-step coaching method that inspires and motivates air personalities to honestly and effectively evaluate their own performance.
The Authentic Personality dramatically expands what you hear coming out of the radio. The knowledge you acquire is complemented by a wide-ranging set of services and tools designed to help you become the best evaluator and developer of successful radio personalities you can be.
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