How the Authentic Personality
helps Air Talent...

The Authentic Personality helps air talent realize their dream and their potential...
to become the most distinctive and appealing radio personality they can be. The Authentic Personality uniquely enables air personalities to:

  • Recognize and showcase their most appealing personal qualities.

  • Recognize, focus on, and enhance their talents and strengths, rather than obsessing about their non-strengths.

  • Consistently generate unique show ideas that will attract and hold listeners.

  • Develop and present their ideas on-the-air in a way that delivers maximum impact, nearly every time.

  • Establish an emotional bond with listeners and become a necessary part of their lives, building repeat listenership and fortress-like competitive advantage.

  • Improve their own work -- be their own critic and coach! -- by understanding and identifying the Essential Eight™ elements that are inherent in all on-air segments and features that work... the ones that attract and hold listeners in any format, regardless of subject or presentation style.

The Authentic Personality affects everything a radio personality does -- from idea generation to show prep to on-air performance to review and critique. The method takes most of the stress and conflict out, putting focus and fun back in! Finally, a system that puts every talented radio personality on a path leading to long-lasting success and full achievement of potential.

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