New Ways to Measure On-air
Performances and Abilities

“The Authentic Personality has really made me see things very differently. It has enhanced my ability to measure on-air talent performances and abilities. I'm now able to clearly define what the strengths and weaknesses are within a show. It has helped me see why someone wasn't able to perform at their best. The Authentic Personality has also given me an effective tool to break down presenter content into components. This has helped to fix things far more quickly and painlessly. It's like saying the car won't start and getting really irate because you need to go somewhere now. You know it's the engine, but you're not sure what part. AP has helped all of us take the engine apart really quickly and pinpoint what needs to be tweaked to get us where we want to be. Our content is clearer, sharper, punchier -- what took five minutes to say before now takes two and it is sharp, funny and to the point. The Authentic Personality has really helped me grow. I feel far more confident talking to the talent. It helps me understand them more and see their frustrations and ultimately help them. I see things more clearly. It's easier to explain using the common language we now share. The confidence I now have gives my air personalities greater confidence in the direction they get from me which comes around full circle.”

Luis Clark
Programme Controller
100.7 Heart FM, Birmingham, England

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