Better Coaching Radio Personalities Enjoy

“Finally I know what I'm looking for! The Authentic Personality gives you insight into a radio personality’s head. It's very useful to understand what a good one is like! I have a set of fourteen traits that I am looking for in an air personality. My competition doesn't have that! I use AP every week. It has given my coaching direction. I am now a better coach. My personalities enjoy coaching that makes them feel like they are developing some specific skills -- not just a nice chat after the show with some general comments.

I used to drive to work cringing at what I was hearing at times. Now I genuinely feel proud of what the guys are doing every day and if I do hear something that I don't like, I know why I don't like it and can give them direction on fixing it. I have the ability to explain to them what is wrong using the Authentic Personality’s common language.”

Paul Andrew
Programme Controller
GWR FM, Bristol, England

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