Bill McMahon "knows how to talk to the animals."

Bill McMahon is a self-described personality radio junkie. He is also President of Mediavision, Ltd. in Escondido, California, near San Diego. Mediavision's primary business is identifying, training and coaching radio air personalities and program directors.

It's no wonder Bill spends much of his time helping identify and develop successful radio personalities. Bill wanted to be a great radio personality from the time he was twelve. His family and friends told him he was crazy. So did the PDs who heard his college airchecks. Since the verdict appeared to be unanimous, he gave up his dream and did the next best thing.

Bill became a radio salesman. He went on to manage and set the programming vision for highly successful personality-oriented talk stations in Seattle and San Diego. He has provided programming consulting services to many of America's most successful talk-radio stations. Bill was the first person to recognize Rush Limbaugh's "talent on loan from God" and gave him the radio platform for his "brilliant" insight, analysis, and commentary. Prior to forming Mediavision, Bill was Chief Operating Officer of SRO Broadcasting in Seattle.

Bill never forgot his dream or how difficult it is to become a great radio personality. In 1988, he created the first formal training system for radio air personalities and program directors. The Authentic Personality identifies the common elements of great radio performances regardless of style or content. It introduces common language to objectively discuss on-air performance and help air talent grow and develop. It outlines systems and disciplines that inspire and direct creativity and help air personalities consistently maximize their talents. Over 500 air personalities and program directors from stations owned by America's most successful broadcasting companies have participated in Authentic Personality seminars and workshops.

Bill has personally conducted hundreds of individual coaching sessions with great and not-so-great radio air personalities using his training concepts and methods. He's worked with the likes of Jeff Elliot (Jeff and Jer), Kidd Kraddick, Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura, just to name a few. Most of the air personalities he coaches actually look forward to aircheck sessions with Bill. One general manager describes Bill's relationship with air talent this way, "He knows how to talk to the animals."

Bill and his wife Karla were married in 1966. They have three grown children, Holli, Ryan, and Burke. They also have three dogs and hate cats.

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