The Authetic Personality Implementation
and Accountability Program

Training seminars and workshops aimed at personal growth and development --even the most inspiring and well-received -- have little effect, as a general rule. However revved-up they might be at the conclusion of the event, participants seldom are successful at transferring their new knowledge and skills to the workplace.

The reasons are many, ranging from the difficulty and discomfort inherent in making fundamental behavioral changes to the deluge of distractions awaiting the participants the moment they return to the workplace. Ongoing motivation, guidance, and support are essential to assimilating new ideas, adopting new practices, and building new habits.

Transferring the Authentic Personality from the conference room to the studio is no exception. The concepts and practices are deceptively simple, remarkably flexible, widely applicable, and very effective. However -- as with those board games and card games that take only minutes to learn, but months to master -- complete understanding and effective application of the Authentic Personality method requires hands-on experience and takes time. Like learning golf, it can be frustrating and difficult in the beginning. The Authentic Personality Implementation and Accountability Program provides the motivation, guidance, and support necessary to work through on-the-job use issues and instills the confidence needed to ensure effective use of and obtain maximum long-term benefits from the Authentic Personality.

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